This is a site i made, because i (like most of you) am a self centered bastard. My name is Jake(land) and i don't really know what to say here except i think thoughts and most of the time fail at using words in a good way.


About a series of current events.

Often times I see things in the news such as Vatican investigating Girl Scouts of America where the Vatican is saying the Girl Scouts of America are bad because they are allegedly associated with Doctors Without Borders (A terrible, terrible organization in the eyes of the church as they do things like provide emergency abortive services, but I digress.) I see things where religious groups are greatly offended that a company could support gay rights. Groups are made in attempts to bully and harass companies such as JCPennies for their ads depicting non-traditional families and Nabisco/Oreo for their ads showing support on Gay Pride Day. (They also tried to get a gay character killed off from Archie Comics. That’s right. Archie Comics. move over Badhorse, there’s a new Thoroughbred of Sin.)

I keep thinking to myself, why? Why is “the bisexual/homosexual/transsexual/transgender (I don’t know all the terms so excuse me if your not mentioned/mentioned wrong) menace” such a menace? Are they more of a menace than the 2 men who stabbed a women in her own home and attempted to burn it to the ground? How about those 2 people from Rutgers who made a mockery of a young man’s sex life for everyone to see, forcing him to kill himself?

Let’s take it in a new direction. Why aren’t there groups of people set up to bully people like Sandusky? Why aren’t there more people actively trying to make a law against NOT CALLING THE COPS WHEN YOU SEE A CHILD BEING RAPED. (I’m lookin’ at you, intern/douchebag o’ Penn State Mike McQueary (the only 2 things I would have done in that situation, are call the cops and tell them I’m about to beat a man to death followed by attempting to beat a man to death but then again I digress.) I’m also pretty sure that was already against the law. preeeeetty sure.

another viewpoint. Why are you so upset about peoples lives. A teaching that isn’t really in your bible unless you count some fairly vague quotes that sound great for your argument when taken out of context. How about feeding the hungry. How about helping the poor. When the fuck did the Christian teachings become less about How can I help people that actually want my help. Why is it now, “How can I show these idiots how damned they are and that they should want my help.” 

I may have stopped going to church kind of early, but before I left I never heard anything like this.

Interesting note. Lepers were once considered people that had been forsaken by god. Jesus didn’t think so though. Just saying. 

My opinion on the refusal of service to a homophobic lawmaker in TN.

I will begin this post with this statement. I have no problem or thoughts or opinions on whether or not you are gay. I have been hit on by gay men, and the only thing i felt was flattered, and the only thing i thought was “how do I tell this guy I do not like him that way?”. I do not believe in the separate but equal mentality and i feel there are more important things in the world that we should concern ourselves with rather than what 2 people who love each other are doing in there bedroom.

Though it was very impressive that a restaurant decided to throw a man out, he was in fact thrown out for his beliefs. beliefs that are hateful. beliefs that are ruining the world. beliefs that are ignorant and terrible and rude. and mean. we can never forget how it’s just mean. 

Restaurants have a policy that they can turn away anyone except based on race, gender, or religion. So if he can be thrown out for being against homosexuality in TN, that makes it perfectly okay to throw a person out who is trying to help gay couples get married in Arizona, or repeal practices of not letting gays and lesbians adopt in another state.

If you attack someone, they’re just going to hold firm to that belief even more. I don’t have all the answers, and I like i said, kudos to that restaurant for standing up for what they believe in, at what was probably the cost of alienating a few customers. 

The point is, I don’t believe you can combat ignorance and hatred with still more hatred.

But that’s just me.